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Which UDP ports should be open on a firewall to allow traffic from a L2TP/IPSEC based VPN clients to a PPTP VPN server on the inside UDP port 500 for IKE traffic, UDP port 1701 for L2TP communication between client and server and UDP port 4500 for


1. Will broadcast traffic on one VLAN reach another VLAN No. VLANs are used to segregate broadcast traffic. 2. Which is the vendor neutral standard used for VLAN Tagging 802.1q 3. Which field in a TCP/IP header does vlan tagging occur. It occurs in the data link


The following are some ARP interview questions 1. Is ARP request packet unicast, multicast or broadcast ? ARP request is a broadcast packet. 2. Does ARP packets use IP header ARP does not use IP header. It is a layer 2 protocol. 3. Can routers process ARP


The following are DNS interview questions and answers. 1. Which port does DNS clients use to connect to the DNS server. DNS Clients do not use any specific ports. They use dynamic ports. During the time the DNS client initiates the request, the operating system would assign


1. What are the components which constitute a TCP/IP socket pair. A socket pair comprises of source port, destination port, destination IP address and source IP address. 2. How is the source port number in a transport layer header derived The source port number is derived by

DHCP Interview Questions

The following DHCP interview questions are a sample from below Ebook – 250+ Network Engineer Interview questions and answers What is an IP Helper address feature and why is it required in a DHCP environment DHCP Discover packets are broadcast packets. This means that a DHCP Discover

Network Troubleshooting Interview questions

The network troubleshooting interview questions are a sample from the below ebook – 250+ Network Engineer Interview questions and answers Question 1 A computer is connected to the internet via an ADSL router. The ADSL router is configured with appropriate DNS server IP address. Is it required

CCNA Interview Questions

The following CCNA interview questions are a preview from the below Ebook. Question 1 The IP address of a PC is and its default gateway is The user on the PC pings an IP address which is on a different network (IP address:, Default

Routing and Switching Interview Questions

The following routing and switching interview questions from the below Ebook. When is a static route configured on a router. Assume that the router 1 has two network cards. The network cards are configured with the IP address and with the subnet masks When

VPN Interview Questions

The following VPN interview questions from the Ebook 1. In the below diagram, which VPN protocol can be used to establish connectivity between the routers. IPSEC. 2. Name two VPN protocols which can be used to establish client to server connectivity. PPTP and L2TP. 3. An application