5 Best network security certifications.

In this article, we shortlist the 5 best network security certifications.

1. Comptia Security +

The Comptia Security+ certification is one of the best certifications in the industry for network security. The certification is ideal for networking beginners and network engineers who would want to achieve network security credentials. The certification combines security concepts related to computer and network systems and is a vendor neutral certification provided by Comptia.

2. CCNA Security

CCNA Security is provided by Cisco. This certification focus on how to configure, design and implement security on Cisco devices like routers, switches. This certificate course is recommended for audience who already have a background in networking and configuring Cisco devices like routers and switches.

3. CCIE Security

One of the hardest exams to pass, CCIE Security is one of the highest recognition as a network security engineer. This certification is provided by Cisco and focus on how to design , configure and implement security features on Cisco devices like routers, switches, firewalls, ids, ips. It is highly recommended to have a very strong background in networking before you start your CCIE Security career. As opposed to above certifications, CCIE Security also has a lab , which makes it one of the most difficult exams to crack.


The certified wireless security professional focus on security on wireless networks. The certificate is conducted by cwnp.com and is vendor neutral. It teaches the different technology, mechanisms, protocols and techniques which are available to configure and setup a secure wireless network.

5. Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

The course is conducted by SANS institute and is available as classroom and online training. The course teaches how to conduct penetration testing on a network infrastructure. The different types of tools and techniques which are used for performing network pen tests are understood. This is an advanced network security course and the audience is required to have strong networking concepts with a background in network security.