Active directory interview questions

The following are interview questions on active directory.

1. Which command is used to install Active directory

DCPROMO, is the command used to install AD.

2. Which partition in Active directory contains users and groups

Domain partition

3. Is Active directory a TCP/IP protocol

Active directory is not a TCP/IP protocol. It is a feature which is available on Microsoft systems.

4. Does a DNS service which is running on a Active directory server use the same port

DNS service is different from AD. DNS is a service which is used for

5. Can active directory be used to manage a Linux network

Active directory is Windows proprietary, It cannot be used on a Linux network.

6. Name two operating systems on which Active directory can be setup.

Active directory can be setup on Windows 2003 and 2008 servers

7. Which is the underlying protocol used by Active directory.

LDAP, which stands for Lightweight directory access protocol is used by AD.

8. Name twomtypes of hardware devices which can be classified as objects in an active directory network.

Printers and servers

9. Is it mandatory to setup DHCP servers on a Active directory server

It is not mandatory. DHCP server is setup if the users / systems on the network require dynamic IP addresses rather than static IP address.

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