Basic networking interview questions

The following are basic networking interview questions, which is a sample from the Ebook – 250 Network administrator Interview questions and answers


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Q1 – On which port do a DNS client and server work.

Q2 – How does a FTP server differentiate between two simultaneous connections from two FTP clients on a network.

Q3 – Name two devices which can be configured as FTP Server

Q4 – Name two devices which can be configured as a DHCP server

Q5 – Can an access point be configured as a DHCP server

Q6 – Which field in the IP header is used at the destination for identifying fragmented IP packets.

Q7 – Name one limitation of network layer firewall.

Q8 – Can a packet filter firewall be used to block access to a DNS server on the network.

Q9- Which layer of the OSI model would respond to a ping request.

Q10-What is the subnet mask in a routing table of a router used for

Q11 – What is the difference between flooding and broadcasting on a switch port

Q12 – Explain in detail, the difference between hub and switch.

Q13 – What is a directed broadcast

Q14 – How do two computers connected to a switch communicate with each other

Q15 – What is the use of TCP 3 way handshake

Q16 – How do two computers on different subnets communicate

Q17 – How do computers connected to two different switches communicate

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