Networking Tutorial

How does Network address translation work

This tutorial understands how network address translation work. NAT which stands for network address translation is a feature which is commonly found on routers. The feature is predominantly used for translating the internal IP address of a network to external network. Assuming that the user on the

How to setup network with VLAN

This tutorial explains how to setup a network using vlan technology and the mechanism by which intervlan communication can be achieved. The appropriate components required, TCP/IP network design and techniques are analysed. Do I know this Quiz 1.What type of switches should be used to setup vlans

DHCP Tutorial

This tutorial understands the basic concepts of DHCP and it’s architecture. What is DHCP DHCP, which stands for dynamic host configuration protocol is an application layer protocol in the TCP/IP protocol model. It uses UDP at the transport layer and works using a client server architecture. What

DNS Tutorial

The DNS tutorial understands the basics of DNS and practical analysis of where it is used. What is DNS DNS stands for Domain name service. It is a TCP/IP protocol which works at the applicatio layer of the TCP/IP model. It uses a client server architecture ,

VLAN tutorial

This vlan tutorial answers the common questions with answers asked on VLAN technology. What is a VLAN VLAN, which stands for virtual LAN is a networking concept which is used for segregating LAN networks. It is used for creating multiple LAN networks on a single switch. Is

Troubleshooting internet connection

In this tutorial, the step by step methods which can be followed to troubleshoot internet is analyzed. In the above network, the PC’s are unable to access internet. The following steps can be used for effective troubleshooting. 1. Check if the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway

IP Subnetting Tutorial

This tutorial explains the basic concepts of IP subnetting and its need. What is IP subnetting IP subnetting is the process by which multiple network addresses are created from a network address. In this case, the network which is used to create the different networks is known

How does DHCP work

This tutorial explains how dhcp works. DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol. It is a client server protocol which has a DHCP client and a DHCP server. DHCP works on UDP protocol. DHCP clients work on UDP port 68 and DHCP servers work on UDP port

TCP/IP Basic Concepts

  The basic concepts of TCP/IP networking like IP address, subnet masks, network addresses , gateways, dns servers are understood. This is a sample content from the book Network Design Guide for Beginners IP address – IP addresses are used by devices on a network to communicate

Port Scanning Techniques

The following series of tutorials shows how to perform port scanning for different networking activities with NMAP. This content is a preview from the book – NMAP Tutorials for Network administrators Buy from Amazon How to find a printer on a network The tutorial shows how a