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comptia network+ practice questions

The following are list of practice questions for comptia network+ certification. Questions 1. On which port does a http client work on 2. Which client server protocol is used for downloading a file from a website 3.

CCNA Security

CCNA Security practice exam 1. Name two security features which are used by both Cisco IOS firewall and ASA appliance a. NAT b. ACL c. VRRP d. TCP mitigate 2. What type of firewall should be used


CCNA practice Questions and answers on NAT 1. What type of NAT would you configure to allow the users to share the internet connection on the router a. PAT b. Static NAT c. Dynamic NAT d. 1-1


CCNA Practice questions on ACL Question 1 Which field in an TCP/IP packet can a standard ACL look to make a decision a. source port b. destination port c. source IP address d. destination IP address. Question

CCNA IP Subnetting

CCNA Practice questions and answers on IPSubnetting 1. Which of the following statements are false a. IP networks in the public range cannot be subnetted. b. IP networks in the private range can be subnetted. c. IP

CCNA LAN Switching

CCNA Practice questions on LAN Switching 1. What would a switch do when it receives a frame with the source and destination mac-address as same. a. The frame would be forwarded to all ports b. The frame


CCNA Practice questions and answers on VLAN Questions 1. In the above diagram, PC1 and PC2 are configured with IP addresses belonging to the same network and connected to different vlans. It is observed that PC1 is