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TCP/IP Concepts

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Layer 2 fundamentals

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DHCP Troubleshooting

Test your skills on DHCP Troubleshooting 1. How would you check if a DHCP server is reachable on the network To test the reachability of a DHCP server on a network, ping the server using from a

LAN Network Setup

Test your skills on LAN network setup 1. Which of the following features on a router would you use to setup a DHCP server on a different network a. IP Helper address b. VLAN c. DHCP Snooping

Wireless Networking Basics

Test your skills on Wireless Networking Basics 1. Which of the following statements are false. a. 802.11b devices are inter operable with 802.11g b. 802.11 g devices are inter operable with 802.11 b c. 802.11 b devices

Network Monitoring Techniques

Test your skills on Network Monitoring Techniques 1. Users on a network are complaining that they are unable to access FTP service on the server. Which tool and methodology can the admin use to check if the

Layer 2 protocols

Test your skills on layer 2 protocols 1. What type of protocol is spanning tree a.Broadcast b.Multicast c.Anycast d.Unicast 2. Which of the following are VLAN protocols a.802.1q b.802.1d c.802.1x d.802.1e 3. Which protocol is used to

Wireless Network Security

Test your skills on Wireless Network Security 1. Which of the following protocols is not a part of wireless security suite a. WEP b. WPA c. 802.1x d. None of the above. 2. In a wireless based

LAN troubleshooting

Test your concepts on LAN Troubleshooting with this skill test. 1. In the below diagram, PC1 is unable to ping PC2. What could be the possible reason. a. Routing not configured on the router. b. Default gateway

Firewall Fundamentals

Test your skills on Firewall Fundamentals 1. A firewall is deployed to block ping packets. Which header and field in the TCP/IP packet would the firewall look into to make the decision. a. Source Port in the