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Which protocol does ping use

Which transport layer protocol does ping use — Network Interfaze (@NInterfaze) January 23, 2019

What is the difference between router and modem

In this article, we understand the difference between router and modem. A modem is a device , which is used for converting analog into digital signals and vice versa. In a home network, assume that you have

Basic network troubleshooting

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Python network monitoring

This book teaches how to craft custom network monitoring tools by leveraging the packet capture functionality of tshark, the command line of wireshark. The procedure to integrate tshark with programming language Python and how custom scripts and

Networking Course

The network testing course is a self paced video course which teaches techniques like packet crafting , scripting and automation. The course contains 30 video tutorials of 85+ minutes of duration and 3 E books and is

Networking Interview Questions – Part 1

The following are interview questions and answers for network engineers. These are sample questions from the ebook 250 Networking Interview questions and answers Question 1- What happens when a TCP based packet exits a NAT firewall When

Network Engineer resume

Build your network engineer resume with the following skills in demand. The following skills are highly in demand and should be included in a network engineer resume for receiving an interview call. 1.Strong network fundamentals. 2.Good knowledge

Home Network Setup

Test your skills on Home network setup with these questions and answers. 1.Which feature on a home router would you use to block a website. a.URL Blocking b.NAT c.Website blocker d. Home routers do not have the

What port does ping use.

The tutorial explains the reason as to why there are not ports associated with ping. When PC1 initiates a ping to PC2, the ping packet is constructed on PC1. The source IP address of the IP header