CCNA Concepts

Test your skills on CCNA concepts with the following questions.

1. Two interfaces of a router is configured with IP addresses, subnet mask and IP address, subnet mask Would the routing table of the router contain any information.

2. Give two reasons as to why Rip v2 should be used instead of Rip v1

3. There are two computers connected to a switch. The switch is powered on. After the switch boots, how many entries would be available in the mac-address table of the switch

4. What type of route entry can be provided for routing internet traffic

5. How does a hub differentiate between a unicast and broadcast frame.

6. A PC is connected to a 5 port ethernet hub operating at 100 Mbps. Other ports of the hub are free and not connected to any other devices. At what duplex setting can the hub operate

7. How many collision domains are available respectively on 5 port and 8 port hub

8.A root switch has two links connected to two other switches. Which ports on the root switch would be used for data packet forwarding.

9. A network has to be designed for an organization. The organization has 5 departments each of which has different network addresses, which require communication with each other. What strategy and technology can be used for achieving the same

10. What does a switch do, when it is unaware of the destination mac-address in a frame.

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