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Q1 Give two reasons as to why Rip v2 should be used instead of Rip v1.

Q2 There are two computers connected to a switch. The switch is powered on. After the switch boots, how many entries would be available in the mac-address table of the switch

Q3 A network has to be designed for an organization. The organization has 5 departments each of which has different network addresses, which require communication with each other. What strategy and technology can be used for achieving the same

Q4 What does a switch do, when it is unaware of the destination mac-address in a frame

Q5 Does spanning tree protocol require IP address to be configured between switches

Q6 How does a hub differentiate between a unicast and broadcast frame

Q7 What is the use of a subnet mask in the routing table of a router

Q8 A router has two paths to a network with a static route and dynamic routing protocol. Which path would a packet bound to the network take when it reaches the router?

Q9 How many collision domains are available on switch which has three vlans and 24 ports?

Q10 A root switch has two links connected to two other switches. Which ports on the root switch would be used for data packet forwarding

Q11 Two switches have priority values 30000 and 20000. Which switch would be elected as the non root bridge

Q12 Can a router create a backup configuration on a TFTP server which is in a different location but reachable via IP network? Give an example of a TFTP server

Q13 Which networking concept is common in the use of inter-vlan routing and frame relay technology

Q14 How is a wild card mask interpreted by a router? Explain with an example

Q15 How can ping be blocked with an ACL

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