CCNP Interview questions

The following interview questions are based on CCNP concepts.

Question 1

You are a network admin assigned to troubleshoot a trunking problem between two switches. It has been identified that communication between systems connected to the switches are not working. How would you verify if the trunk ports are using the same trunking protocol ?

CCNP Interview questions


Use the command show interfaces trunk on the switches, which would display the encapsulation protocol as 802.1q or ISL.

Question 2

Which of the following fields in an ethernet frame does a switch look into to forward the frame to the appropriate port


Switches looks into the destination mac-address field in the frame , where the mac-address of the destination would be provided.

Question 3

On a network, a DHCP server is configured and setup on a different network from the clients. Which command on the router should be used to forward the DHCP requests from the clients to the server.


The router should be configured with a DHCP helper address for which the command ip helper-address should be used.

Question 4

A router is configured for RIP protocol. The router has a WAN and LAN interface. The RIP protocol is used to communicate with the peer router on the WAN network. Which command would you use to disable RIP packets to be propagated from the LAN interface.


RIP passive interface command should be configured on the LAN interface of the router.

Question 5

Name one benefit of using IPSEC tunnels over GRE tunnels.


IPSEC tunnels have the option to encrypt the data in the tunnel as opposed to GRE which sends the data in clear text.

Question 6

A router is configured with a set of ACL rules. The administrator forgot to add the explicit permit statement at the end. Will the rules already available in the ACL work ?


All packets bound to the router would be dropped irrespective of the rules as the implicit deny functionality would be used for processing the packets.

Question 7

Which command on a router should be used for sharing internet which is configured on one of it’s interface.


Port address translation feature should be used for sharing internet for which the command ip nat inside source list overload should be used.

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