CCNP Tshoot practice exam

The CCNP tshoot practice exam helps to measure the skills which are required for passing the exam. The answers along with detailed explanation is provided below.

1. A router is directly connected to another router using serial interfaces. The IP address of serial interface of router 1 is and IP address of router 2 is The network /24 is connected to router 2. Which of the following is the correct assignment if a static route is to be configured on router 1 to forward packets to the network

a. ip route
b. ip route
c. ip route
d. ip route

2. Two PC’s are connected to a switch which are part of the same VLAN ID 2. The IP address of PC1 is and IP address of PC2 is It is observed that the PC’s are unable to ping each other although both are on the same VLAN. What could be the possible issue

a. The PC’s should be connected to different VLAN’s
b. The PC’s are on different networks. Ping will not work
c. VLAN’s can be used only if router is available
d. The switch could have layer 2 issues.

3. There are 3 PC’s on a network and a router. All the devices are on the same network and connected to the same VLAN on the switch. Which feature should be used to allow telnet access to the router for 1 PC.

a. ACL
c. Not possible
d. Extended ACL.

4. PC1 and PC2 are connected to VLAN 2 and VLAN 3 respectively. The IP address of PC1 is and PC2 is It can be observed that both are on the same network. Will the ARP request packet sent by PC1 reach PC2

1. Yes
2. No

5. Which of the following TCP ports should be configured with an ACL to allow FTP traffic to a server from users on the network.

a. TCP port 20
b. TCP port 21
c. TCP port 20 and 21
d. TCP port 23.

6. Can an ACL be configured to allow telnet access to a router and block ping

a. Yes
b. No

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1. d

Static routes are configured with the format ip |N/W address| |subnet mask| next hop address

2. b

Although the PC’s are on the same VLAN, they are on two different networks, in which case a router would be required.

3. b

VACL, which stands for VLAN ACL should be used for achieving the requirement.

4. No.

The PC’s are on different VLAN’s. ARP request is a broadcast packet. Broadcast packets from one VLAN will not reach the other VLAN.

5. c

ftp uses dual tcp ports which are 20 and 21.

6. Yes

An extended acl can be configured which would allow telnet traffic , which is TCP 23 and block ICMP traffic for ping.

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