Cisco interview questions

The following are some interview questions for Cisco network engineers. The answers and explanation for the questions and provided below.

1. In the below diagram , which protocol would you use to configure a trunk port between the Cisco and HP Switch

1.The trunk cannot be configured.
4.None of the above.


2.Which of the following cannot communicate with Cisco routers.

1.Windows Server
2.Linux Server
3.HP Server
4.None of the above.

3.Which feature on a Cisco IOS router can be used to block access between two networks.

1.Standard ACL
2.Extended ACL
3.Dual Network ACL
4.Network Blocker.

4.Cisco hubs can learn mac-addresses (True or False)

5.Which of the following features can be used for forwarding packets bound to the internet

1.IP DNS-Server
4.Default route.

6.What is wrong with respect to the following command ip route

7.Which of the following features cannot be configured on a Cisco router

1.Default route
2.Static route
3.VLAN subinterface

8.Which of the following is configured along with a VLAN sub interface IP address on a Cisco router

1.The vlan trunk ID
2.vlan id
3.routing protocol
4.None of the above

250 + Network Engineer Interview questions & Answers


1. 4
2. 2
3. 2
4. F
5. 4
6. Explained below
7. 4
8. 2


1. Cisco routers support TCP/IP protocol which is used to communicate with products from different vendors.

2. Extended ACL can be used to create an ACL to block access between two networks.

3. 802.1q is the IEEE vendor neutral protocol which can be used between vendors.

4. No hubs can learn mac-address

5. Default route is used for forwarding packets to unknown destination. The traffic bound to the internet would have the destination unknown.

6. The value should be an IP address instead of a network address.

7. STP, which stands for spanning tree protocol is configured on switches and not on routers.

8. The VLAN ID is configured along with the sub interface.


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