Cloud Interview Questions

1. How can different networks be setup on the cloud.

Cloud based environments can be segregated into different subnets. Based on the number of networks, different subnets and associated networks can be created.


2. In the above diagram how can the corporate LAN network connect to the cloud

A VPN connectivity can be initiated from the LAN network to the cloud setup.

3. Name two benefits of having servers setup on the cloud network.

The manageability of servers can be reduced significantly as the hardware is provided by the cloud vendor. The customer does not have to purchase additional hardware. Scalability of resources (Servers and applications) can be done seamlessly as opposed to traditional environment, where every time additional resources needs to be added which would increase the overhead as compared with a cloud environment.

4. Can cloud based servers be hacked ?

Cloud based servers can be secured with appropriate security feature. But if the security is improperly configured, the servers are vulnerable to be hacked. As per cloud vendors, the security of the cloud is their responsibility, but security in the cloud (Customers network) is the responsibility of the customer.

5. Give one disadvantage of having your infrastructure on the cloud.

Total control of infrastructure is not available as in a traditional environment, where the hardware and software components reside in your LAN network.

6. Can servers be setup on different regions in a cloud environment

Yes servers on the cloud can be setup on different regions. In a AWS cloud, it is known as availability zones.

7. What cloud component would you use to manage traffic to multiple application servers

Load Balancers

8. Name two protocols which are used for accessing cloud based servers remotely.

SSH and RDP are two protocols which are used for the purpose.

9. If a cloud server requires internet access but not access from the internet, how can it be achieved.

NAT feature can be used. This is used in a AWS environment.

10. If an organization has a web server which requires access from the internet , what functionality would you require for cloud setup in aws.

A public subnet with a public IP address can be associated with the web server.

11. An organization requires only internet access. Will a cloud environment help.

Since there are no resources which needs to be accessed like web applications, databases etc, it would be of no use to setup a cloud environment.

12. Which are the leading cloud vendors in the world.

Amazon AWS , Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.