comptia network+ practice questions

The following are list of practice questions for comptia network+ certification.


1. On which port does a http client work on
2. Which client server protocol is used for downloading a file from a website
3. Is the DNS protocol initiated when a user pings a website.
4. Which OSI layer corresponds to the Internet layer in TCP/IP model
5. Does a broadcast traffic from one VLAN reach other VLAN.
6. How many broadcast and collision domains are available on a 24 port switch.
7. What is the fundamental difference between a managed and unmanageable switch.
8. Which protocol is used by switches to avoid loops
9. How do routers avoid looping of IP packets.
10. Name two VPN protocols which works at Layer 2.


1. HTTP clients uses dynamic ports whereas servers use known port 80. The port number used by clients are random and are not constant for each connection.

2. HTTP is used for downloading a file from a website. User access a link on the website using a browser and clicks to download using HTTP.

3. Yes, when the user pings the website, the DNS name of the website is resolved into an IP address which is performed by DNS protocol.

4. The transport layer

5. VLAN’s limit broadcast traffic to cross into another VLAN. So a broadcast traffic from one VLAN would not reach another VLAN.

6. A 24 port switch would have 1 broadcast domain and 24 collision domains.

7. A manageable switch would typically have an operating system with features which are configurable by the user. Unmanageable switch does not have the same.

8. Spanning tree protocol

9. Routers look into the TTL value in the IP header and reduces it by 1 every time it crosses a router. When a router receives a packet with TTL value 1, the packet is discarded by the router, avoiding looping of the packet.

10. L2TP and PPTP.

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