Firewall Fundamentals

Test your skills on Firewall Fundamentals

1. A firewall is deployed to block ping packets. Which header and field in the TCP/IP packet would the firewall look into to make the decision.


a. Source Port in the transport layer header
b. Destination Port in the transport layer header.
c. Protocol field in the IP header.
d. Type field in the Ethernet header.

2. A TCP/IP Packet arrives on stateless packet filter firewall. The packet is originated from outside the network. What would the firewall do

a. The firewall would drop all packets originating from the outside network.
b. The firewall would check if there is a rule configured , based on which a decision would be made to allow or deny.
c. The firewall would scan the packet for malicious content. If clean, the packet would be allowed to the internal network.
d. The firewall would drop the packet and inform the internal host to which the packet was intended to be sent.

3. Which pair of fields in a TCP/IP packet is maintained by a NAT firewall when the packet exits the firewall to the destination.

a. Source and destination IP address
b. Source and destination port
c. Source port and Source IP address
d. Destination Port and Destination IP address

4. Which of the following traffic would not be allowed through a proxy firewall.

a. Ping
c. FTP.
d. TCP.

5. A user is accessing a web server , through a statefull firewall. What should be configured on the firewall to allow return packets from the web server.

a.An inbound rule which permits all traffic from the Web server.
c.The web server should be configured as trusted on the firewall.
d.Both a & c.

6. Which fields in a TCP/IP packet does NAT firewalls use to identify the packets that has originated from the inside network.

a. Destination port and destination IP address.
b. Source port and Source IP address.
c. Source Port and Destination IP address.
d. Destination Port and Source IP address.

7. Which type of packets can be blocked by a packet filter firewall.

a. TCP
b. UDP.
c. IP.
d. All of the above.

8.What type of firewall can be used to detect malicious content in a packet.

a.Application layer firewall
b. Statefull inspection firewall.
c.Network Layer statefull inspection firewall.
d.NAT Firewalls.



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