How to become a network engineer

In this article we understand the skills and certifications to become a entry level network engineer.

A entry level network engineer is required to posses skills like Design and configuration of devices, learn to fix networking problems, implement appropriate access control.

1. The first step is to attain networking certifications. Certifications courses like CCNA Routing and Switching, Comptia network+, Microsoft MTA Networking fundamentals are recommended. These courses would teach you networking fundamentals, how to design and configure networking devices like routers switches.

2. The second step is to attain good level of TCP/IP knowledge. Most of the networks in today’s world work on TCP/IP. This can be attained by using books on TCP/IP.

3. Network troubleshooting is one of the most important skill required for network engineers. Though this is a skill which is acquired on the job, the techniques which are used by network engineers for troubleshooting can be understood by registering on forums like where people post their problems and experts resolve it.

4. Basic network security knowledge is required for any network engineer. Security certifications like Comptia security+ or CCNA Security can be undertaken for attaining the required skill.

5. Wireless networking is an additional skill which can be attained with CWNA certification.

The above outlined steps can be followed to start your career as a network engineer.