HTTPS Interview Questions

The following are interview questions based on https protocol.

1.Which is the protocol does HTTPS use for encrypting data

HTTPS uses SSL or TLS for encrypting data.

2.On which port does a HTTPS server listen on

TCP port 443

3.Name two instances where you have used HTTPS on the internet

Online transactions (Net banking), Webmail login (Yahoo, gmail)

4.Does HTTPS use TCP or SSL at the transport layer for data transfer.

HTTPS uses TCP at the transport layer. SSL is used for data encryption.

5.Can a Web server support HTTP and HTTPS communication simultaneously?

This is possible as both works on different port numbers.

6.How is the encryption key derived in a HTTPS based communication

The encryption key for every session is derived dynamically between the client and the server.

7.A user logs into a HTTPS based form on a website with his username and password. Would the username or password be encrypted during the session

Both the username and password would be encrypted in a HTTPS based communication.

8.Would the authentication between a Web client and a Web Server be successful if the client does not have a client certificate?

Authentication with client certificate is optional. The client can successfully authenticate with the server using a username and password.

9.Can HTTPS communication be used on a LAN

HTTPS works on TCP/IP. So it can be used any systems which uses TCP/IP irrespective of whether it is on LAN or WAN.

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