Interview questions on networking basics

The following interview questions on networking basics is a preview from the ebook – 250 Network administrator interview questions and answers

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The gateway of PC1 is Should it be configured on it for PC1 to be able to ping

PC1 and the gateway are on the same network. To ping a gateway it need not be configured as gateways are required to reach systems on different networks.

How many computers can be setup with the network address network.

The number of IP addresses in the network is 256, out if which the addresses and cannot be used as it is reserved for the network address and the broadcast address. Excluding the addresses, 254 IP addresses can be used. So, 254 computers can be configured using the available IP addresses.

Which field in the TCP or UDP header identifies the application which is being requested

The destination port field in the TCP and UDP header corresponds to the application for which request is being initiated. The port number maps with a corresponding application. For ex; TCP port 80 corresponds to HTTP server and UDP port 53 corresponds to DNS servers.

Is a DNS IP address mandatory to be configured on a PC for internet access.

When a user on a PC accesses a website, URL resolution for the website name has to be performed. This is done by the DNS protocol. This request has to be sent to a DNS server, for which the IP address of the DNS server should be configured on the client.

If a PC has two default gateways, which would be taken for routing the packets.

Every route entry would have a metric. If there are two default gateways, there would be two default entry. The entry which has a lower metric value would be
taken by the packets.

Name two methods by which the desktop of a Windows system can be viewed.

Remote desktop protocol or VNC can be used for the purpose

Can a FTP server installed on Linux accessed by a FTP client on Windows.

FTP is a TCP/IP protocol. TCP/IP is a vendor neutral protocol. So a FTP client on Windows can access the FTP server which is installed on Linux.

If there are two default routes on a Cisco router, which path would the packet take.

The packet would take the route which has a lower metric value associated with it

How can the desktop of a Linux system viewed from Windows.

VNC protocol can be used for the purpose. The Linux system can be setup as a VNC server and Window as the VNC client. The IP address of the Linux system can be configured in the VNC client, following which connectivity can be achieved.

The above interview questions is a preview from the ebook – 250 Networking interview questions and answers

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