Interview questions on Networking Protocols

The following are interview questions which focus on networking protocols.

Interview question 1

Which communication, HTTP or DNS, would take more time and why ?

HTTP uses TCP and DNS uses UDP. TCP is a connection oriented protocol, which would take more time as compared with UDP.

Interview question 2

Name two networking protocol which can be used to view the desktop of a remote system ?

VNC and Remote desktop.

Interview question 3

Name two transport layer protocols which can be used for encrypting application layer data

TLS and SSL.

Interview question 4

Which protocol does ping use at the transport layer

Ping does not use a transport layer protocol. It uses only ICMP at the network layer.

Interview question 5

Name two similarities between DHCP and DNS protocol

Both uses UDP at the transport layer.

Interview question 6

Name two common fields which are available in TCP and UDP headers.

source and destination port numbers

Interview question 7

Name two VPN protocols and the layers at which they work.

IPSEC, works at layer 3 and PPTP works at layer 2

Interview question 8

Name two routing protocols which uses TCP and UDP respectively

BGP uses TCP and RIP uses UDP.

Interview question 9

Which networking protocol is used to find the mac-address corresponding to a specific IP address on the network.

ARP protocol

Interview question 10

Does TCP based applications send data after the 3 way handshake or before it

Data transmission can happen only if TCP 3 way handshake is complete.

Interview question 11

Name one application layer protocol which can use both TCP and UDP for communication


Interview question 12

What is the source port number in a TCP header for a HTTP based communication.

Source port numbers are random in nature and assigned by the operating system.

network engineer interview questions

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