Interview questions on OSPF

The following are some interview questions on OSPF protocol.

Ebook – TCP/IP Interview Questions

Is OSPF a classless or classfull protocol
Which protocol does OSPF uses at the transport layer for communication.
How large can a network be if OSPF is used
Which version of OSPF would you use from a security perspective and why
How does OSPF handle NBMA networks.
Which is the multicast address associated with OSPF hello packets
Give one practical example for the use of a non designated router.
What is the difference between ABR and ASBR router.
What is the use of Total stubby and Not so stubby areas.
Explain the different types of OSPF packets and their use.
How is the router ID calculated.
What is the use of router dead interval field.
What is the use of backbone area in a OSPF deployment.
How is route summarization handled in OSPF.
How does RIP and OSPF work in conjunction
How does redistribution work in OSPF
Where does virtual links come in OSPF deployment and their need.
How does the process of neighbor establishment work
How does the SPF algorithm work.
Name two significant reasons as to why you would use OSPF over RIP protocol.
How does OSPF work in singe and multi area environment.

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