Interview questions on RIP

What is the destination IP address of a Rip v1 packet

Rip v1 is a broadcast packet. The destination IP address of a Rip v1 packet is

What is the main difference in RIP v1 and v2 packet

RIP v1 does not include the subnet mask information inside the packet. It does not support classless addressing. RIP v2 includes the subnet mask information inside the packet. For example assume that the sub netted network is configured on a RIP enabled router. If RIP v1 is configured, the route would be advertised as ( It would take the default subnet mask of /24 and not /26). If RIP v2 is configured, the subnet mask inforamtion (/26) would also be advertised in the route.

If a Rip v2 router advertise it’s route, would it be received by all the devices on the network

Rip v2 is multicast. So the route advertisement would be received only by devices which has Rip v2 enabled. If the advertisement was Rip v1, then it would be received by all devices on the network as Rip v1 is broadcast.

How can a Rip route advertisement be blocked on a specific interface

By using the passive interface command.

Which transport layer protocol does RIP use and the associated port number

UDP – Port 520

If a static route and a Rip learnt route is available on a router which entry would be chosen by the router to forward the packet

Static route would be chosen since it has lower administrative distance than Rip

What is the major benefit of dynamic routing protocol like RIP over Static route

In a static route, the route entries has to be manually configured on the router. Whereas in a dynamic routing protocol like Rip, routes are learnt automatically.

Can a subnet mask information be stored in a Rip v1 packet

Rip v1 is a classfull routing protocol. It does not understand classless concepts like Subnets. So it is not possible

Is a subnet mask field available in a Rip v2 packet

Rip v2 is classless routing protocol. A rip v2 packet has a field to include the subnet mask information.

What is the administrative distance of Ripip


What is the multicast address that Rip v2 uses

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