Interview questions on switching

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Q1-Which feature would allow a VLAN to be sent untagged on a trunk port.

Q2-Three switches sw1, sw2 and sw3 transmit STP BPDU packets with the following info in the Bridge ID. Which switch will be elected as the root bridge

sw1 : Bridge priority 3456, Mac-address : 00:1b:78:ab:9f:91.
sw2 : Bridge priority 1234, Mac-address : 00:1b:78:ab:9f:92.
sw3 : Bridge priority 2345, Mac-address: 00:1b:78:ab:9f:93.

Q3 -A switch port operating in full duplex mode is connected to a PC operating in half duplex. What would be the effective duplex settings for the communication

Q4 – A 24 port switch receives a frame with destination mac-address unknown. To how many ports will the frame be flooded

Q5- PC which is connected to switch port 23. The switch has learned the macaddress of the PC. The port is now shutdown. Will the switch retain the macaddress

Q6 – Two PC’s, PC1 and PC2 are deployed on different vlan’s , vlan 3 and vlan 4 respectively on a layer 3 ethernet switch. Each of the vlans are configured with respective IP addresses. What should be the IP address of the default
gateway of TCP/IP adapter setting of PC1 to communicate with VLAN 4.

Q7 – On a layer 2 switch, port 1 is a member of vlan 2 and port 2 is a member of vlan 3. Two computers, PC1 and PC2 are connected to the ports. The IP addresses of the computers are /24 and Both the computers belong to the same network address of If PC1 pings PC2, would a response be received

Q8- A unmanageable layer 2 switch has 5 PC’s connected to it;s ports. As part of firmware upgrade, the switch had to be restarted. What would happen to the mac-addresses available on the mac-address table of the switch

Q9 – What happens if the destination is shutdown on a switch

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