Interview questions on TFTP

Can a TFTP server be used on the internet

TFTP is based on TCP/IP. It can be used on any systems which support TCP/IP and also on the internet

Name one free TFTP Server which can be used

Solar Winds TFTP Server

Which port does TFTP server works on

UDP port 69.

Is an IP address required for the TFTP server for a router to upload configuration images to it

TFTP is based on TCP/IP. Both the TFTP client (router) and the TFTP server should have IP addresses for communication.

Name one application which can be used in lieu of TFTP for transferring and storing images and configurations

Is TFTP a secure protocol

TFTP does not encrypt nor authenticate. It is not a secure protocol.

Does TFTP client and TFTP server be on the same network for communication to be successful

The client and the server can be on different networks. They just need to have IP reachability among each other.

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