L1 network engineer interview questions

The following questions are recommended for reading for a L1 network engineer interview.

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Two PCs are connected to a switch. The IP address of PC1 is and the IP address of PC2 is Can PC1 ping PC2.


It can be observed that, PC1 belongs to the network address of and PC2 belongs to the network, As both reside on different networks, a router would be required for communication between PC1 and PC2. So in the current topology, PC1 would not be able to ping PC2.


Can a PC be configured with an IP address and subnet mask of


The corresponding IP address for the above subnet mask would be the broadcast address for the network /27. So it is not permitted to be used as an IP address to be configured on a host


In the below diagram, a frame relay point to multi point network is configured to link up between branch 1, branch 2 and main site. Can the FTP client access the FTP server on a point to multipoint frame relay network

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Can a router create a backup configuration on a TFTP server which is in a different location but reachable via IP network? Give an example of a TFTP server

TFTP uses client server architecture. If the router can access the TFTP server via IP, it can copy the configuration as IP connectivity is available. Solar Winds TFTP server is an example of the same


A computer is connected to the internet via an ADSL router. The ADSL router is configured with appropriate DNS server IP address. Is it required to configure the DNS server IP address on the computer as well for internet access.

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A PC is connected to a switch, to which a router is also connected. The management IP address of the switch is and the IP address of the router is What should the default gateway of the PC be, for it to access a remote network.

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