Linux Networking Interview Questions

The following are some Linux networking interview questions.

1. Which application would you use to view the desktop of a Linux system from Windows.

VNC can be used. The linux system can be configured as a VNC server and the VNC client on Windows. The VNC client can be made to connect to the VNC server installed on Linux with the IP address of the Linux system

2. What is the port number of a DHCP server when installed on a Linux system

DHCP is a TCP/IP protocol. So irrespective of whether the server is installed on a Linux or Windows system, it uses the TCP/IP well known port for DHCP servers which is UDP port 67.

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3. Which feature on a Linux system can be used for setting up access control on a network.

iptables is a feature, which can be used for setting up access control lists based on IP addresses and TCP/IP port numbers.

4. Which command would you use to display the routing table of a Linux system

route -n

5. What is the equivalent of ipconfig command used on Windows on Linux


6. What is the default TTL value generated by a Linux system


7. Which is the most commonly used Web server on Linux systems


8. Can a FTP client installed on a Linux system communicate with a FTP server on Windows

FTP is part of the TCP/IP suite. TCP/IP is supported by both Linux and Windows. So the client on linux can communicate with the server on Windows.


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