Network administrator interview questions and answers

The Network administrator Interview questions and answers PDF ebook contains 250 interview questions and answers based on networking concepts like Firewall, NAT, VPN, Wireless networking, TCP/IP, Frame relay, Routing and switching. The book also includes scenario based questions with diagrams and detailed tutorials. It is ideal for candidates aspiring for networking job interview.

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Sample Questions

What happens when a TCP based packet exits a NAT firewall
What happens when a TCP based packet returns to a NAT firewall
Explain a practical scenario why split tunneling is used
What is the difference between TCP 4 way handshake and WPA 4 way handshake
Which protocol would you block on a firewall for blocking tracert
Which feature would allow a VLAN to be sent untagged on a trunk port.
How can the basic working of the functionality of an application on a server checked from a remote location.


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