Network Design Guide for Beginners

This book is recommended for understanding the basic concepts of network design. Basic TCP/IP concepts like network addresses, gateways, dns servers and the need of network components like switches, routers and servers is understood. TCP/IP configurations and design case study for various scenarios which include details of the TCP/IP addressing with table for systems on the network, hardware with quantity analysis are included in the ebook

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Table of Contents

TCP/IP Concepts
Understanding Network address
Understanding gateways
Understanding DNS servers
Network hardware and software components
TCP/IP configuration – Case Studies
Case study 1
Case study 2
Case study 3
Case study 4
Case study 5
Case study 6
Network Design Case study -with TCP/IP Table and hardware
Case study 1 – Network design with 5 users.
Case study 2 – Network design with 8 users
Case study 3 – Network design with 20 users
Case study 4 -Network design with 40 users.
Case study 5 – Network design with 100 users
Case study 6 – Network design with 80 users on 2 floors.
Case study 7 – Network design with 150 users in two buildings which are 80 mtrs apart
Case study 8 – Network design with 150 users in two buildings which are 150 mtrs apart
Case study 9 – Network design with 45 users and multiple subnets

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