Network design interview questions

The following are network design interview questions ideal for network engineers.

1. Name two technology by which you would connect two offices in remote locations.
2. What components would you use to setup a VPN connection between two offices.
3. How would you setup a home network , which requires wired and wireless access to internet.
4. How would you integrate a wireless network into an existing LAN infrastructure.
5. How would you provide user based authentication on a wireless network.
6. What technology would you use to segregate departments.
7. Which IP network would you use to create a network of 1000 users and why
8. How would you create a fail over internet connection a router.
9. How many users are available on the network
10. What device would you use for sharing a cable modem connection with LAN users.
11. Name one scenario, where a NAT device would be preferred over proxy server for internet sharing.

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