Network Engineer resume

Build your network engineer resume with the following skills in demand. The following skills are highly in demand and should be included in a network engineer resume for receiving an interview call.

1.Strong network fundamentals.
2.Good knowledge of TCP/IP protocols like DHCP, FTP, DNS
3.TCP/IP Troubleshooting techniques and tools
4.LAN network design and troubleshooting
5.WAN network design and troubleshooting
6.VPN design and configuration.
7.WAN and VPN troubleshooting
8.Wireless network design and configuration.
9.DHCP Server design and configuration
10.FTP server design and configuration
11.Sound concepts of 802.11 wireless technologies.
12.Routing and switching protocols fundamentals
13.Design,configuration and troubleshooting RIP, OSPF, BGP
14.VLAN configuration and troubleshooting.
15.Indepth knowledge of tunneling protocols like GRE, IPSEC.
16.Design and configuration of layer 2 and layer 3 VPN.
17.Wireless network troubleshooting
18.Network troubleshooting tools
19.Usage and knowledge of protocol analyzers like wireshark, tcpdump
20.Analyzing and resolving network related issues.
21.LAN switching support – VLAN, STP
22.Fundamentals of high availability technologies
23.Design and configuration of high availability technologies like VRRP and HSRP.
24.Troubleshooting network connectivity and applications.
25.Design network for redundancy
26.Backup automation techniques
27.Scripting and automation techniques with Python, TCL, Expect.
28.Fundamental knowledge of security concepts like firewall, IPS, IDS etc.
29.Proxy and NAT server deployment and troubleshooting
30.Firewall configuration and troubleshooting.
31.Strong knowledge of transport layer protocols like TCP, UDP
32.Fundamentals of TCP/IP and OSI model
33.Windows networking
34.Linux networking
35.Cisco networking
36.Integrating multi vendor networks.
37.Designing VLANs with multi layer switches from different vendors
38.IDS/IPS design and configuration.
39.Network access control techniques like Access list, 802.1x, port-security
40.Troubleshooting Windows active directory.
41.Bash and perl scripting
42.Network performance monitoring
43.Network Security monitoring
44.Knowledge of network scanning tools like nmap.

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