Network Security Fundamentals

Take a self assessment on network security fundamentals.

1.Name two protocols which encrypt data at the application and network layer with explanation.
2.What technology can be used for protection against flooding attacks
3.Does FTP servers send passwords or data in clear text
4.Name one protocol which can be used in lieu of telnet for secure remote access
5.What feature on a router can be used for blocking unauthorized websites
6.How does a cam flood attack work
7.At which layer of the OSI model, does the WEP protocol encrypt data
8.What feature can be configured on a switch to prevent rogue DHCP server attacks.
9.Which feature on a firewall can be configured to defend against IP spoofing attacks.
10.Name two attacks which are targeted on FTP servers.
11.Which security feature on a switch can be used as a defense for cam flooding attacks.
12.Name two tools which can be used to create custom packets.
13.An organization uses a Cisco router for routing between its internal networks. What feature on the router can be used to block access specifically between two internal networks.
14.Name one security limitation with Rip v1 and how it is improved with Rip v2.

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