Networking Course

Network testing Video Course

The network testing course is a self paced video course which teaches techniques like packet crafting , scripting and automation. The course contains 30 video tutorials of 85+ minutes of duration and 3 E books and is downloadable as a Zip File.


Course Snapshot

Video tutorials (85+ minutes)

1. Learn the fundamentals of packet crafting with Scapy
2. Learn how to integrate Python with Scapy
3. Learn how to craft basic packets like ARP, ICMP, TCP, UDP with Scapy
4. Learn to make custom network tools with Python and Scapy

E-Books ( 3nos )

5. Learn to make custom network troubleshooting tools with Python and Scapy
6. Learn to make custom network monitoring scripts with Python and Scapy
7. Learn network test automation with TCL and expect

The details of the course, tutorials (Video) and the Ebooks are outlined in the presentation below.

Sample Video Tutorials


Total Price – $99

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