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Networking Protocols interview questions

Which networking protocol can be used to remotely access files on a server

FTP protocol.

Which networking protocol can be used to view a remote desktop when the client is Windows and Server is Linux


Which protocol does switches use to prevent looping


Which transport layer protocol does DHCP use


Does ping use a transport layer protocol

No ping does use any transport layer protocol. It uses ICMP at the network layer.

Which protocol is used to resolve website name into IP address


Which protocol is used for secure web browsing


Which transport layer protocol does http and https use ?


Name two protocols which can be used to access a remote router

telnet and ssh.

Which are the two IPSEC protocols

ESP and AH.

Which layer does SSL and IPSEC VPN work ?

Layer 4 and Layer 7

Which protocol is used for dynamically allocating addresses to clients on the network.


Name two insecure networking protocols

Telnet and HTTP.

Which protocol does https use for encryption.


What are the the two types of FTP protocol

Active and Passive FTP.

Does static routing use any protocols


Which protocol is used by routers for sending messages to the initiator if the path to a network is not available.


Which protocol is used on a LAN segment to identify the mac-address of a device based on its IP address.


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