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What happens when a URL is typed in a browser

This interview question explains what happens internally when a URL is typed on a browser. This is a sample question from the ebook – 250 Network Administrator Interview Questions and Answers – Click here Take a scenario where you are accessing the internet at your home on

Protocol testing interview questions and answers

The following are the top protocol testing interview questions and answers 1. What happens when the source and destination mac-address in a frame is the same When the source and destination mac-address in the frame is the same, the frame is filtered and discarded. 2.A switch receives


The following CCNA interview questions and answers are a preview from the below book Question A router has two paths to a network with a static route and dynamic routing protocol. Which path would a packet bound to the network take when it reaches the router. Explanation


TOP INTERVIEW QUESTIONS ON SWITCHING 1. What happens when a frame is received on a switch port The switch looks into the source mac-address of the frame and adds it to the mac-address table. It then looks into the mac-address table and forwards the frame to the

wireshark interview questions and answers

TOP WIRESHARK INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS EXPLAINED. 1. You are required to monitor all incoming packets from the ip address on a particular system. Which wireshark filter would you use. All incoming packets would contain the source IP address as The following filter is applied

Basic Networking Interview questions and answers

Crack the Interview by reading the basic networking interview questions and answers Question 1 A network has to be designed for an organization. The organization has 5 departments each of which has different network addresses, which require communication with each other. What strategy and technology can be

Network Monitoring interview questions

Name a command line tool which you would use to monitor ip packets on the network. tshark. Which command would you use to monitor and view tcp connections on a Windows server netstat What feature on a switch would you use to monitor traffic on a specific

Linux Networking Interview questions

What command is the equivalent of ipconfig in Windows to view the IP address in Linux ifconfig Which feature on Linux operating systems is used to simulate an Active directory environment FreeIPA Can Linux operating systems communicate with Cisco routers Yes, both support TCP/IP. Name a radius


Which protocol does SSH use at the transport layer TCP What is an equivalent of SSH to remotely connect to a device Secure -FTP, which is also a secure protocol for remote connection. A firewall should be configured to allow incoming SSH communication. Which protocol and number

Windows Networking Interview Questions

Which command would you use to flush DNS cache entries on your Windows computer ipconfig /flushdns Is TCP/IP implementation on Windows and Linux operating systems the same ? Yes. TCP/IP is a vendor neutral protocol. The implementation is same on all operating systems What is the equivalent