Penetration testing interview questions

1. Name an open source packet manipulation programming language for crafting custom penetration testing tools


2. Name a website with which you can find sub domains associated with a domain name.

3. Name one method by which rogue DHCP server can be detected on a network.

Scapy can be used for crafting a custom DHCP discover packet and discover a rogue DHCP server.

4. Explain a method by which the the IP addresses of computers on a LAN can be identified.

Nmap can be used for subnet based scanning and discover IP addresses of computers on the subnet.

5. How can a DDOS based TCP Syn flood attack be simulated on a web server

Hping can be used for the purpose.

6. Name two open source standards which can be used for conducting a succesfull penetration test


7. Which security feature on a Cisco switch would you recommend as a defense for STP BPDU based attacks

BPDU -Guard

8. A perimeter router claims to be blocking LAN ip address from the internet. Which RFC rule would you refer if you are assigned to perform an audit of the router configuration specifically to check the ip address values.

RFC 1597

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