Ping interview questions

Ping interview questions and answers.

Which command would you use to ping a system in a loop from a Windows PC.

ping -t can be used to ping the IP address in a loop

Which protocol does ping use at at the network layer


What type of ICMP packet is send when a ping request is initiated.

ICMP request.

If a system is not responding to ping requests , what could be a possible reason

A firewall would be blocking ping requests.

What is the similarity between ping and tracert

Both use ICMP for communication

Which protocol does ping use – TCP or UDP

Ping does not use TCP or UDP. It uses ICMP.

If a system does not respond to ping, does it imply the system is shutdown.

No, It could just be any issues on the TCP/IP stack or a firewall is configured to block ping packets.

A user on a PC pings a device which is on a different network through a router. The router is unaware of the network. What would happen.

After the router identifies that the network is unreachable, an ICMP packet is sent from the router to the initiator informing the destination network is unreachable. ICMP Type 3 is used for the purpose.

What is the port number used by ping.

Ping does not use any port number as it does not work on TCP or UDP.


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