Protocol Testing Interview Questions

The following are the some basic protocol testing interview questions with answers.

Interview question 1

Name one free tool which you would use to craft a packet ?


Interview questions 2

How would you design a test plan for testing a feature on a router.

The design document of the feature has to understood , based on which the test plan would be created.

Interview question 3

How two tools which you use to automate the process of remote test execution

A combination of TCL and Expect or Python and Pexpect can be used for the purpose.

Interview question 4

Name the typical fields which would be available in a test case document used for protocol testing

Test ID, Test description, steps to execute, expected result, actual result, status , remarks

Interview question 5

What is the difference between functionality and conformance testing.

Functionality testing refers to the verification and working of the feature on a product. For ex, the working of VLAN on a switch. This is dependent on the design of the specific feature. Conformance testing refers to the procedure of testing the protocol for adherence to standards like RFC, IEEE etc.

Interview question 7

Name two commercial tools which can be used for performance testing

IXIA, Spirent.

Interview question 8

Name two applications which can be used for test case and defect management.

HP Quality center and Bugzilla.

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