Routing & Switching Fundamentals

The Routing & Switching Fundamentals Ebook explains the concepts of routing and switching . It contains questions and answers with case study and examples. Internal analysis of concepts and how routing and switching technologies work in different conditions are understood. This book is recommended for audience who would want to understand the internal working of routing and switching technologies.


Table of Contents

What happens when an IP packet reaches a router
What is the use of subnet mask on a PC.
How does a PC know if the destination is residing on the same or different network.
How does a PC send a packet to the gateway.
How is a packet forwarded on a router
What happens when a frame arrives on a switch.
What happens when an IP packet reaches a switch port.
How does a PC1 on SW1 communicate with PC2 on SW2.
What happens if the destination is shutdown on a switch.
How is a broadcast frame interpreted by a switch.
How is an IP packet with unknown destination handled by a router.
How does a switch populate a cam table
How is broadcasting handled in a VLAN environment.
How does a switch handle a frame with source and destination mac-address as the same value.
Why is the encapsulation type 802.1q provided with the vlan number when intervlan routing is configured on a router.
How is flooding and broadcasting different from a switching perspective.
What is the difference between a layer 2 and layer 3 broadcast
How does a router handle a packet with unknown destination address with two default routes.
What happens when two frames arrive simultaneously on two different ports on a switch
When is a static route configured on a router
What is required for intervlan communication.
How many broadcast domains are there on a 24 port switch and a 24 port hub
What is the difference between default route and default gateway
How does routing work
Which connection would be used on a PC with two internet connections
What is gateway in networking
What is the Use of VLAN
What is the life time of a frame which has the IP packet header value as 1
How does STP prevent looping
How do Routers populate routing tables for directly connected interfaces

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