System administrator interview questions

The following are some interview questions for system administrator.

1. Which command line tool would you use to display the processes running on a Windows server

netstat tool can be used for the purpose.

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2. Can a Windows based system receive dynamic IP address from a DHCP server which is configured on Linux

DHCP is a TCP/IP protocol. So it would be compatible and the Windows system would receive IP address from the Linux server.

3. Name two web servers which can be installed on Windows and Linux respectively.

IIS and Apache

4. Name two protocol analyzers which can be used on Linux

Wireshark and TCPDUMP.

5. Which tool can be used for testing if a particular port is open on a remote server

A port scanner can be used for the purpose. nmap would be an ideal choice.

6. Name two technology which you would use to share internet for local LAN users

Proxy server and NAT can be used for the purpose.

7. Users on the LAN are complaining that the internet is not working. They are able to ping the IP address of servers on the internet but not using the domain name. What could be the possible reason.

The PC of the user may not be configured with the IP address of the DNS server due to which DNS resolution is not working.

8. Users on a LAN need to access files from a central repository. Explain how this can be setup

Setup FTP server on a Linux or Windows system. Download and install FTP clients on the systems which require access to the server. The files can be uploaded or downloaded using the FTP clients to the server.

9. What happens when you issue the command ping

The IP address of the server on which is hosted responds.

10. Which port should be opened on a firewall to access a SSH server which is set up behind it.

SSH servers work on TCP port 22, which should be opened on a firewall.

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