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Interview questions on TFTP

Can a TFTP server be used on the internet TFTP is based on TCP/IP. It can be used on any systems which support TCP/IP and also on the internet Name one free TFTP Server which can be

Interview questions on switching

The following switching interview questions is a preview from the ebook – 250 Network administrator interview questions and answer Buy from Amazon ——————————————————————————————————————- Q1-Which feature would allow a VLAN to be sent untagged on a trunk port.

Interview questions on STP

What is the Spanning Tree Protocol used for Spanning tree protocol is used to prevent looping of frames. Unlike IP, which has a TTL value field in the packet which is decremented every time the packet passes

Interview questions on routing

Can routers check ethernet frames Routers look for information inside the IP packet header for routing the packets. But the packets itself would be encapsulated inside frames like ethernet, PPP etc. For example, if the IP packet

Interview questions on network address translation

Name one instance where static NAT is used in a real world deployment It is used for mapping a public IP address for a Server with a private IP address. Why does Active FTP not work with

Interview questions on ICMP

Name two network commands which uses ICMP at the network layer Ping and Tracert Which transport layer protocol does ICMP use ICMP does not use any transport layer protocol. Which two fields in the ICMP header is

Interview questions on FTP

How much data can be send in a Single FTP session The amount of data which can be send is infinite. FTP uses TCP. The TCP channel can be used until the complete data is transferred. Multiple

Ethernet Interview questions

1. What is Ethernet – Ethernet is a medium which is used by devices like computers, switches , routers, hubs etc. If two devices wishes to send data among each other using ethernet technology, both the devices

Interview questions on DNS

Is the DNS protocol involved when a users pings a website name Yes it is involved. When the user pings the website name, a DNS request packet is sent to the DNS server which would then respond

Interview questions on DHCP

The following interview questions and answers are a preview from the book – 250 + Network Engineer interview questions & answers Buy from Amazon What is a DHCP Scope and why is it required What would happen