TCP IP Interview questions

TCP/IP Interview questions and answers

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1 .Two users are accessing a Network application simultaneously. Which fields in the TCP/IP header would the server use to distinguish between the connections.

a. Source IP address in the IP header.
b. Destination IP address in the IP header.
c. Source port in the TCP header.
d. Destination port in the TCP header.

2. A web client opens two instances of a website using a browser. Which of the fields would be different for both the connections

a. Source port number.
b. Destination port number.
c. Source IP address
d. Destination IP address.

3. Which of the following fields are used to identify if the packet has to be sent on the same or different network.

a. Destination port number.
b. Subnet Mask.
c. Destination network address.
d. Domain name of the destination.

4. A PC does not have DNS server IP address configured on its adapter. What would happen if the user pings a website on the PC.

a.Response would be received as ping uses ICMP.
b.Response would be received as ping does not use DNS.
c.Response would fail as DNS resolution would fail.
d.None of the above.

5. Which field is used in a TCP/IP header is used to identify the server application.

a.Source port number
b.Destination port number.
c.Socket number.
d.Socket port number.

6. When does data transfer commence in a TCP based communication.

a.After the TCP 3 way handshake
b.Before the TCP 3 way handshake
c.After the TCP 4 way handshake
d.None of the above.

7. When does the TCP 4 way handshake commence

a.There is nothing like TCP 4 way handshake.
b.After the 3 way handshake
c.Before the 4 way handshake
d.After data transfer is completed.

8. Where is the source port number used in a TCP/IP header.

a.Inside transport layer headers like TCP or UDP
b.Inside IP layer header.
c.Inside application layer headers like FTP, HTTP etc.
d.None of the above.

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