TCP/IP Interview Questions & Answers Ebook

The TCP/IP interview questions and answers pdf ebook contains 150 interview questions and answers based on TCP/IP networking. Interview questions with answers based on TCP/IP protocols, fundamentals, communication and analysis is included in the book. Scenario based questions are also included. It is recommended for audience aspiring for an interview based on TCP/IP .

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Sample questions

Which protocol does a router use to inform the source that a destination is unreachable.
What type of packets are not forwarded by a router
A user clicks on a link on a website to download a file. Which application layer protocol is being used.
Name a protocol which use dual ports for communication
Which field in an IP header is decremented when the packet crosses a router
Which field in a TCP/IP packet would a hub look into to make a forwarding decision.
Name a protocol which works on both TCP and UDP
Is DNS protocol involved if a user on a system pings a DNS server.

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