TCP/IP Protocols Interview Questions

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1.What is the destination mac-address of an ARP request frame
2.Is ARP used on a PPP link
3.Does ARP contain an IP header
4.What does a switch do when it receives an ARP request frame on one of its ports
5.Would an ARP request frame generated on a port which is member of VLAN 2, be received on a port which is a member of VLAN 3
6.Can an ARP packet cross IP networks
7.If an ARP entry is available on the local cache of a computer, would an ARP request be triggered
8.Explain how an ARP packet is triggered on a computer
9.Thomas spoofs the mac-address of his PC to that of George. He then attempts an ARP request on the LAN network to find the mac-address of the gateway. What will be the sender mac-address value in the ARP protocol header
10.In a DHCP environment, which of the components (Client or Server) initiates the request
11.How many DHCP packets are exchanged between a client and a server before the client receives an IP address
12.What type of packet is a DHCP Discover packet
13.What is an IP Helper address feature and why is it required in a DHCP environment
14.What is a DHCP Scope and why is it required
15.What would happen if there are multiple DHCP servers on a network
16.How does a client know that a lease has expired and how is it renewed
17.How many DHCP Servers can reside on one subnet
18.Explain the communication flow between a DHCP client and server on a network with two DHCP Servers

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