Troubleshooting internet connection

In this tutorial, the step by step methods which can be followed to troubleshoot internet is analyzed.

Troubleshooting internet connection

In the above network, the PC’s are unable to access internet. The following steps can be used for effective troubleshooting.

1. Check if the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server IP addresses are configured on the PC’s.

2. Check if the default gateway, which is the router is reachable from the PC’s. This can be done using ping.

3. Check if the DNS server IP address is reachable from the PC’s. If the DNS server IP address is the router, step 2 can be used or ping the actual DNS server.

4. Check if the router has received a public IP address from the ISP. This can be verified by logging into the router.

5. Check if it is a problem related to DNS. This can be done by ‘pinging’ a website from one of the PC’s and check for a response.

6. Check if the switch is working properly and the cables are intact.

7. Check if it is a browser related issue by using a different browser.

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