Windows Networking Interview Questions

The following are interview questions based on Windows networking concepts


1. Name two technology by which the desktop of a Windows system can be controlled remotely.
2. Does Windows systems support TCP/IP
3. Name 2 windows client systems which can be configured as VPN servers.
4. Which command would you use to install active directory on the server.
5. Which is the native windows protocol analyzer.
6. How many scopes can be configured on a Windows DHCP server.
7. Name two types of VPN protocols which are supported by VPN clients.
8. Can the firewall on Windows clients be configured to block FTP and ICMP traffic.
9. Give one advantage as to why a Windows based proxy system should be installed as opposed with a NAT router for sharing internet.
10. Which command should be used to display the routing table of a Windows PC.


1. Windows desktops can be controlled by the use of inbuilt service remote desktop or by installing a VNC server.
2. Yes it supports. The IP address configuration dialog appears because TCP/IP is supported by Windows.
3. Windows 7 and Windows XP can be configured as VPN servers.
4. dcpromo command is used for installing AD services.
5. Windows network monitor is the native Windows protocol analyzer.
6. Any number of scopes can be configured on a Windows DHCP server.
7. Windows clients like Windows 7 and Windows XP supports PPTP and L2TP/IPSEC.
8. Yes this is possible using the firewall GUI
9. When a proxy is used, caching can be enabled , which is not possible on a NAT appliance. Caching would increase the performance of the network significantly.
10. The route print command is used for the purpose. It displays the list of tools

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