Wireless networking interview questions

The following are some wireless networking interview questions

Interview question 1

Which protocol does WEP use for encrypting data.

WEP uses RC4 for encryption.

Interview question 2

Name two protocols which are used by wireless clients in a 802.1x authentication


Interview question 3

Is 802.11 wireless communication full or half duplex

802.11 uses half duplex communication.

Interview question 4

Name two radius servers which can be used for setting up a secure wireless network.

IAS and Freeradius

Interview question 5

At which layer does WPA encrypt data

It encrypts data at the data link layer.

Interview question 6

If three wireless stations communicate with an access point which supports 54 Mbps, what would be the theoretical bandwidth for each user.

802.11 is a shared medium. All users share the bandwidth. So it would be 54/3 per station.

Interview question 7

Why is mac-filtering an insecure form of authentication in a wireless network.

A wireless network uses a shared medium, which makes it possible for any user on the wireless network to sniff for valid mac-addresses on the network.

Interview question 8

Which protocol does PEAP use to derive session encryption keys.

It uses TLS.

Interview question 9

At which layer of the OSI model does WPA handshake work on

Layer 2

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