Linux Networking Interview questions

What command is the equivalent of ipconfig in Windows to view the IP address in Linux


Which feature on Linux operating systems is used to simulate an Active directory environment


Can Linux operating systems communicate with Cisco routers

Yes, both support TCP/IP.

Name a radius server application which is supported on Linux

Free Radius

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Which command is the same on both Windows and Linux to view the existing TCP/IP connections on the system.


Which tool would you install on a Linux system to find open ports on a remote device.

nmap port scanner.

In a Linux implementation of ping, how many packets (count) would be sent at a time.

Linux sends indefinite ping packets unless the count is specified.

Which tool would you use on Linux to capture packets


Which tool would you use on Linux for packet crafting


What is the DIG command in Linux used for

The DIG command is used for querying name servers and associated information associated with it.

A network has a mix of Windows and Linux systems. A linux and Windows system has been configured with the same IP address. Since the operating systems are different, would this configuration create a problem on the network ?

Yes. IP addressing is a TCP/IP concept and not related to operating systems. On a network, no two systems can have the same IP address. This would create an IP conflict (duplicate IP address) issue on the network.

Which application would you use on a Linux operating system for configuring a packet filter firewall


Name an intrusion detection application on Linux


You have been asked to replace your NAT router with a Linux proxy server. Which application would you use as a proxy server.

Squid Proxy.

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