Network Monitoring interview questions

Name a command line tool which you would use to monitor ip packets on the network.


Which command would you use to monitor and view tcp connections on a Windows server


What feature on a switch would you use to monitor traffic on a specific switch port from another port.

Port mirroring.

You are required to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic on a WAN port on a Cisco router. Which feature / command on a Cisco router would you use ?

ip traffic-export

You are required to perform a scan on a network and report the IP addresses found. Which tool would you use ?


How will you monitor the protocol distribution of traffic on a network.

Wireshark, which is a protocol analyzer can be used for the purpose. The tool also will show the distribution of traffic by protocols on a network.

How would you find the list of applications which are running on a remote system.

NMAP port scanning technique can be used. A port scan with nmap would show the list of ports open and corresponding application.

Which tool would you use to monitor wifi packets on a network.


Which filter would you use to monitor ping packets on a server using wireshark.

ping uses icmp. So icmp should be used as the filter.