VPN Interview Questions

The following VPN interview questions from the Ebook

1. In the below diagram, which VPN protocol can be used to establish connectivity between the routers.


2. Name two VPN protocols which can be used to establish client to server connectivity.

PPTP and L2TP.

3. An application server requires VPN access by its clients. What type of VPN would you use ?


4.Are the keys created by between VPN routers static or dynamic.

There are two keys which are the static and dynamic keys. The static key is pre-configured on the routers. The dynamic keys are created by the static key and changes for every session.

5. What is split tunneling in VPN

Assume a scenario where a user needs access to the VPN server and internet. The internet and VPN traffic should be routed appropriately. For this purpose, split tunneling is enabled on the VPN client software. This would ensure that all traffic bound for VPN takes the virtual tunnel interface and the internet traffic takes the appropriate physical interface for internet communication.

6. What VPN topology would you use to connect multiple branch offices to a single VPN office.

Hub to Spoke.

7. At what layer does IPSEC and SSL VPN work on ?

Layer 3 and Layer 7 respectively.

8. Which IPSEC VPN protocol is used for encryption and authentication.