Windows Networking Interview Questions

Which command would you use to flush DNS cache entries on your Windows computer

ipconfig /flushdns

Is TCP/IP implementation on Windows and Linux operating systems the same ?

Yes. TCP/IP is a vendor neutral protocol. The implementation is same on all operating systems

What is the equivalent of the command ifconfig on Linux in windows

ipconfig. It is used to display the IP address information on the system .

Which the window native protocol which is used to access the remote desktop of other windows systems

Remote desktop protocol.

Which command should be used to view the list of active network (tcp/udp) connections on a Windows computer

netstat command.

A user pings a remote computer from a Windows operating system. What would be the TTL value in the IP header.

The default TTL value of most Windows operating system is 128.

Which feature on a Windows operating system can be used to block incoming ping packets

Windows firewall feature can be configured to block packets.

Can network cards on Windows operating system be assigned to different vlans ?

Yes. but the cards should have support for VLAN feature inbuilt in the driver.

Which command on a Windows system should be used to display the routing table of the computer ?

route print

Which two commands a Windows operating system would get the mac-address of the network card

ipconfig /all and getmac.

You have been assigned the task of networking a group of linux and windows computers. Can the operating systems be on the same network .

Yes . They communicate via TCP/IP which is a vendor neutral protocol. So they can be setup on the same or different network.

Can a Windows operating system be setup as a router

Yes the latest versions of Windows can be setup as a router with a requirement of minimum two network interface cards.